7 Minutes

(2016) | 6 mins

Director: Matt Gorman
Writter: Matt Gorman
Producers: Holly Rowden & Eion Smith

Two young adults are trapped in a closet during a game of 7 minutes in heaven at their elementary school reunion.


Matt Gorman - Writer/Director
Holly Rowden - Producer
Eion Smith - Cinematographer/Producer
Alexandria Cook - Production Designer

Konrad Czulowski - Editor
Jack Rudy - Sound Recordist/Sound Editor
Clea Brown - Script Supervisor

Lydia Riddel - Camera Operator
Marc De Acetis - 1st AC
Alex Fensham - Gaffer

Eion Smith - Colourist
Zachary Richman - Set Decorator
Lisa Cumming - Set Decorator


Pete DeCourcy as HIM
Jada Rifikin as HER

Madison Chantaj as GIRL
Brody Maurice as BOY

Lisa Cumming as
                       Party Girl 1
Alexandria Cook as
                       Party Girl 2



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